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happening. i said, well, it's -- >> he just fumbled! the patriots just fumbled. about two plays later touchdown past to bolden. we have a two score game here. he said, dad, do you realize where this thing is headed? >> reporter: wednesday wasn't going to be a slow day. not with jack and jackie harbaugh running the show. at this point, they did not say or they're not telling where they're going to be sitting on sunday but one thing is for sure, nobody's got it better than them. >> thank you, vern. president obama's homeland security janet napolitano janet napolitano is in new orleans reviewing the super bowl security plans. it's hard to miss the stepped- up security measures as you move downtown new orleans in the french quarter. uniformed officers are everywhere along with a small army of federal and state agents. >> we have been working very closely with new orleans, with the state of louisiana, with many other state and local partners to make sure that the runup to the game is safe and secure and the game is self is
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safe and secure. >> reporter: one coordinator for homeland security declared new orleans the safest city on the planet this week. the nfl hired 4,000 private security guards and crowd management personnel to work the super bowl. an annual tradition during super bowl week is now open to fans who want to have the ultimate nfl experience. the interactive event lets people test their skills at the 40-yard dash and see how you measure up to the nfl great in quarterbacking. some nfl players such as andrew luck of the colts are there for autographs and popular features getting a video of your touchdown dance. allen, don't get -- >> no ideas. >> reporter: don't expect me to dance. >> i have no false hopes. dennis, we have heard about the players. you have talked about the media. have you seen 9ers fans? >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, today is when you could start to feel the buzz.
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a lot of former nfl players, jerry rice is here today, everything is starting to happen. so we are going to take you down bourbon street on our webcast exclusively at 7:30 on >> we better keep bourbon street to the web, safer there. >> reporter: good idea. [ laughter ] >> talk to you later. thanks. if san francisco gets its way, all that action you see there in new orleans could make its way out west. cbs 5 political insider phil matier on the bay area's bid for the big game anti-popping price of throwing the ultimate -- and the eye-popping price of throwing the ultimate super bowl party. >> reporter: it may not be in 2016 or 2017 but the game plan win on sunday and win the bid to bring the bowl here. the story. >> a run by kaepernick -- >> reporter: headed by a philanthropist and luminaries as former secretary of state condoleezza rice, former mayor willie brown and investment giant charles schwab the bay area's super bowl bid team is
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ready to take on houston and miami for the big game bid. >> they're all gelling. they have some early people that are already committing to some serious dollars they want to major this happen. >> reporter: they are going to need it because hosting a super bowl is one big job. >> we need hotel rooms all up and down the peninsula and the east bay. there will be a tailgate party in santa clara, media events in santa clara, practice fields at san jose state university and stanford. this impacts the whole peninsula. >> reporter: it won't come cheap. the nfl wants rent breaks on the stadium and other facilities, tax breaks on ticket sales, plus the locals are expected to pick up police and other costs for the week of festivities. >> it could be anywhere from, you know, 25 to 50 million. >> reporter: million. >> that's right. we are hearing $25 million is what indianapolis got. >> reporter: where are you going to come up with that? >> it's got to be private sector. that's why we're starting it up so early and that's also what i think the nfl is looking for is they want to really see a serious effort from the private
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sector to evidence their support for this. >> reporter: but they are convinced it's worth the effort. >> it really provides a huge economic impact about a half billion dollars estimate and it's more than a game. it's a week or two of activities. >> reporter: from the looks of things, mayor lee is already suiting up for the fight. where did we get that jacket? [ laughter ] >> phil, this is how i feel. man, we got to light the city up. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and even as we speak, members of the bid committee are winging their way to new orleans to start lobbying process. going to have a tough fight up against miami and houston but if this is the city that can, it surely is going to try. liz? >> super bowl in the bay area would be spectacular. thank you, phil. well, san francisco's mayor and police chief hit the streets today in advance of the super bowl. their message to merchants in the mission is still ahead. >> plus, you know the new 49ers stadium is being built in santa clara. but do you know how to get there? it might be harder than you
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think. >> how you can travel do the super bowl in style if money is no object. that and more coming up. tonight, prosecutors are struggling to explain a motive for the murder of a bay area woman in new hampshire. cbs reporter ann notarangelo on a talented trustee who represented so many people in need. reporter: kitty houghton was many things, a linguist who spoke 14 languages, traveler, singer and pilot who donated her time and money for medical missions. >> she loved doing that. it was probably her favorite thing. >> reporter: houghton described as a young 70-year-old lived in novato. she was a trustee at her alma mater the white mountain school new hampshire and visiting for a trustees meeting. she was staying at a nearby hotel when she was stabbed to death monday in the lobby. 37-year-old rodney hill of vermont has been charged with murder in what appears to be a random attack. >> those circumstances i believe are still under investigation. exactly what happened. >> reporter: whatever happened is not in sync with the educated refined woman who her friends called a brilliant
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humanitarian. >> she will be remembered for her kindness, her keen intellect, her love of music. >> reporter: as much as her friends admired and respected her, many didn't even know houghton was so accomplished. she was that private of a person. >> we have had many conversations but really not about her, her life. it's a secret. >> reporter: what was no secret was she was extraordinary. it seems in just about every way. rodney bow shea knew her from their homeowners association. he marveled at her attention to he do tail. >> she could almost put a whole meeting on a three-by-five card it was so small. it was accurate and beautiful. >> reporter: and she was beautiful. at last no good reason why she's still not here. in novato, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. checking bay area headlines, a woman had to be rescued at fourth funston today after heading down a cliffside to reach her dog. the park service says she was trying to climb down when she fell about 50 feet to the beach
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below. she was airlifted out but her injuries were not serious. the dog was harnessed and hauled 75 feet back up to the top. the park service says this is the second rescue of its kind so far this week. in livermore a fiery crash on eastbound 580 killed a person this morning. highway patrol says a driver of a honda civic rear-ended another car. then the honda got hit by two other cars and burst into flames. the driver of the car died at the scene. the golden gate bridge is going electronic. testing for a new electronic tolling system began this morning. bridge officials are hoping the new system will cut down in costs. it will be introduced to the public in march. as for the toll workers, they are being offered different jobs in the organization. 49er fans might want to start coming up with their game plan now. coming up, how the trek to santa clara's new stadium could be a tricky task. >> i'm mike sugerman on the road to the dome. i left san francisco and 2,000 miles later i'm in frisco,
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texas! are there 9er fans here? i'll tell you coming up. behind me is a water vapor loop showing how much moisture is in the atmosphere. look at zero there. that meant zero cloud cover outside today. how long does that stick around? maybe through the super bowl weekend. the forecast all the way into the first week of february coming up. beautiful night outside right now.
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it roadtrip 49ers fans will need a new game plan to get to the team's new stadium in santa clara. it's roughly a 40-mile roundtrip for fans driving from san francisco and then you have to add in the game day traffic. cbs 5 reporter mark sayre went to find out if there are any easier options. mark? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, by comparison with some other nfl cities the dmitry medvedev about 8 miles from midtown manhattan cowboys stadium about 20 miles outside of dallas as you mentioned this new stadium in santa clara about 40 miles from downtown san francisco. so how in the world are you going to get here on public transit? it may not look like much but the great america vta light rail station is the closest to the new 49ers stadium. just imagine what this place is going to look like when 68,000 people spill out after a game. and that another nearby station which serves amtrak and the altamont commuter express other
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ace train riders can already feel the chaos. >> what's it going to mean for a little train station like this? >> oh, too small. >> reporter: if you are coming to the new stadium from points north, these stations could well be in your future if you plan to take caltrain the ride could take about 45 minutes from downtown san francisco to mountain view. and that's where you will have to transfer to a vta light rail for another ride that could stretch for 20 minutes. >> it's mountain view -- >> reporter: all the way. vta planners are working to speed up that journey as part of a larger improvement project. >> we are looking at express service that goes directly from the caltrains station to mountain to the stadium. >> reporter: the bart extension to santa clara county will provide yet another route with an expected opening date of 2017 connecting to vta light rail near the great mall of milpitas. amtrak and the ace trains will provide links for fans coming in from oakland and the east
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bay suburbs and hot dog vendor howard gibbons says he doesn't feel too bad for some fans that will now have to commute. >> yeah, but what did we do when they are stuck in san francisco? we did the hassle of going through there going through south city and everything. so, you know, now it's their turn to come here and watch us enjoy our 49ers. >> reporter: to give an idea of the impact on the close-in vta station at great america, it only handles about 87 people on a typical sunday. they are expecting about 100 times more than that on a game day here. so they are already working at expanding that platform adding a second track. they are very aware that this is going to be a big impact. they are making changes as fast as they can. there is no question it will be a haul on the rails. mike sugerman's road to the dome has led him deep into
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cowboy country and the dallas suburb of frisco. if you are searching for a 49ers fan in texas, that place is a gold mine. >> reporter: i am in frisco texas. 2,000 miles i've traveled from san francisco and i'm still in frisco but you can call it frisco because that's the name of the suburb. it's named after the san francisco railroad they used to go through here and i'm told there's a huge 9er contingent. their 9er empire it's called and there's a couple of bars. i'm going to check them out today. we'll see how the 9ers and texas are faring this week. last night, still in texas, in amarillo, if you remember i took that 72-ounce steak challenge. i tried to eat 72 ounces here's what happened. >> you're not really going to do that, are you? >> oh, yeah. the idea of free has always
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appealed to me and steak, i love steak. >> if you go to san francisco, you want to see the golden gate bridge. you come to texas panhandle, you want to see big steaks and cowboys. >> reporter: that was the idea when they opened the place in 1960 on route 66 in amarillo. the 72-ounce steak challenge came after he was chewing the fat with local cowboys. >> we have had about 120,000 people attempt it. the winners are about 9,000 people. >> reporter: pay up front, you get your money back when the steak and all the fixins are done. how do you think i'm going to do? >> drink a lot of wine before you start. [ laughter ] >> and don't worry about the end. just think about the 49ers and winning the super bowl. >> reporter: i got no beef with that. despite the fact that the thing is as big as a catcher's mit. >> 3, 2, 1, contest is on. >> reporter: this night, nine young australians and kiwis were taking the challenge along with me including two rather petite women. are you going to put that away? >> that's the plan.
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>> reporter: you're a little girl. >> not that little. >> reporter: oh, man. she could eat like a horse. and that's no bull. these are shrimp, right? shrimp, potato, salad, roll and 72 ounces of top sirloin. and it wasn't looking good. how much steak you got left? >> finished in 22 minutes. >> reporter: me, not so much. i was already full. take a fork in it. i'm done. i can't do this anymore. finished. maybe a third. 71 and 72. thank you very much. two winners this time. brothers john and dave edgewick of melbourne. >> i don't feel great right now but it's cool. >> reporter: see how they feel tomorrow. >> how are you feeling today? >> oh, all right. >> road trip. >> road trip. >> reporter: that was this morning. i'm better now.
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although my pants aren't really fitting as well as they did earlier but i got my appetite back. apparently my stomach has expanded so tonight it is texas barbecue in frisco. >> all right. i would say enjoy yourself, mike, but i'm not sorry sure. we're going to catch up with him all week. >> it took him two days to get across texas. >> it's a large state. they had snow yesterday in amarillo. it's closer from amarillo to chicago than it is from amarillo to brownsville texas. that's how big the state is. here in california it was perfect. if you are a faof sunshine, it was warm and sunny, morgan hill 67. oakland nearly at 70 today. redwood city 68. mid-60s for san jose, concord 62. here's the deal in the atmosphere. there is an active storm track. there is still moisture out
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there but it's 700 miles to the north in the pacific northwest. that high pressure dome that's been over top of us for a while still protecting us and shoving all of that moisture far, far away from northern california. high pressure not moving so the forecast won't change. chilly in the morning, mild in the afternoon. and you will be wondering why didn't i take a few days off, because thursday and friday are going to be awesome to get outside. saturday and sunday also awesome to get outside. there will be moisture building to the north. it will work its way south by the middle of next week but the next several days will be just like today. so temperatures running above normal. we'll be mild through the super bowl. february which starts friday will start off dry. pattern change coming but not until next week. 60s tomorrow. san francisco 62. livermore 64. san jose 67. fremont 66. napa beautiful in wine country. 65 degrees. mid-60s for friday, saturday
6:18 pm
and sunday through super bowl weekend. we are going to stay mild. monday cooler. tuesday we go cloudy and showers return by wednesday. it wasn't showers it was a lot of rainfall. football fans. they had heavy rain from time to time. the storm barreled through the french quarterlyier this morning with a lot of lightning and heavy rainfall. meanwhile here in the bay area you don't need me to tell you this we have been very dry. cbs 5's roberta gonzales tells us how dry it's been and when we can expect rain next. >> i am here with mobile weather tonight on treasure island and otherwise i like to call it lightning on wheels. i want to show you something. come to our weather maps. it is brisk out here tonight. 51 degrees currently. but it is the winds that have been fluctuating out of the southwest. now at 3 miles per hour, as much as 15 miles per hour and that adds that chill into the evening air. okay take a look over here. beyond the bay bridge you have sfo. then you have the lovely
6:19 pm
skyline of the city of san francisco. both areas ended up extremely dry for the month of january. and in fact at sfo a brand-new weather record was established with only two tents of an inch of rain so far this january. that shattered an old record set in 1927. but in the city of san francisco, a much older record going back to 1850 now san francisco the third driest january on record. that's a 163-year-old record. so we're talking about rain but what does that mean as far as snowpack is concerned. the fine folks the greater lake tahoe area measured up the snowpack going foot month of january. we were at 143% of normal very healthy. now we are at 93% of normal. so far we have had only five days of rain or snow in the month of january. typically we should have 11 days. now we have rain and snow back in the forecast but not until
6:20 pm
next week. if you want more weather information, you can always visit us online at reporting from mobile weather at treasure island, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >> thank you. if you are a 49ers fan, what's stopping you from going to the super bowl? most likely it's money. coming up, how you can travel in style if finances aren't a factor. the baltimore ravens might have the dynamic duo in smith and bolden at receiver but the 49ers finally have the breakout receiver they thought they had when they drafted michael crabtree. >> one thing i did tell michael when we first got here, pull him to the side, i said, crab, i said, i don't want you to feel intimidated because they brought me here. i want you to really embrace me like i'm going to embrace you and let's do this thing together. >> at super bowl xlvii, i'm dennis o'donnell.
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- niners fo what's your reason for not heading to new orleans to cheer on the 49ers? >> for most of us, it's probably money. but what if you suddenly decided just to go for it? well, cbs 5 reporter john ramos shows us you can if you don't mind going broke. >> reporter: when the team left sunday everybody had their tickets in hand but what if you were a fan who wanted to go today and you decided money was no object? >> there's hundreds of hotels and they are all not available. >> what good is that? >> you can get a package if you have the money. >> reporter: luckily for us, money is no object. but it is for most of the customers of peak travel in san jose. one guy called to ask what
6:24 pm
rooms were still available. >> they began for a four night minimum at $3,800. at a comfort inn. >> reporter: first class is booked so unless you're in a learjet you will fly coach. >> reporter: the nfl is offering good tickets as part of package deals. those can set you back about $50,000. >> 50,000 seems like a bargain from some of the stuff we have been hearing. >> yeah. >> 50,000 per person? >> probably, yeah. >> let's say you're not into brick and mortar and you prefer to do everything online. you might want to talk to this guy. his name is nick. and he is ready to hook you up. his website is offering hotel and ticket prices for about 14 grand per person. the hotel looks pretty nice and they have a horse which could come in handy because -- >> there are no cars and taxis are jokes. you know -- > no place to park. >> most places don't have parking. >> sounds like san francisco. >> sounds exactly like san francisco. >> reporter: the ultimate
6:25 pm
package may be this one, $350,000 for a 32-person stadium suite. you will be down by the end zone but you do get two parking passes. are you one of these people that think money is no object this time? >> yes. yes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: anita campos works at the travel agency. she just got her tickets on monday and is booked at a hotel just five miles from the stadium. guess how much she is paying for the package deal for herself and her son. >> about $2,500 apiece. $5,000. >> reporter: total for everything? i don't understand how you did that. >> i'm smart. and i'm frugal. >> reporter: and it helps to work in a travel office. it just goes to show you money is no object when you're smart enough to avoid paying it in the first place. in san jose, john ramos, cbs 5. coming up in the next half hour, offering reassurance before the big game. the door-to-door message from
6:26 pm
san francisco's mayor. >> speaking is difficult. but i need to say something important. >> the plea from gabrielle giffords. the senators debating an assault weapons ban. >> grand opening today for the bay area's newest walmart. how the new neighbor changes an upscale vision for the community.
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and the city wants to be sure forty-niners fans don't follow now at 6:30, it was an ugly end to the giants world series win and the city wants to be sure 49ers fans don't follow suit on super bowl sunday.
6:30 pm
the mayor met with owners in the mission. da lin reports. reporter: 19th and mission was hit hard both times the giants won world series. that's why the mayor, police chief and fire chief came to reassure business owners that won't happen again. mayor lee met with the mission business owners this afternoon. >> everybody is celebrating safety. >> we are worried about the super bowl. >> he reassure them this type of rowdy celebration won't happen again on super bowl sunday. >> people going nuts out here jumping on cars, smashing windows, graffiti everywhere. we don't need that out here. >> reporter: some owners say they are taking steps to protect their storefronts. the property owner of bella vista eye clinic will hire
6:31 pm
three security guards to watch the building on sunday. >> it's a very costly office, you know, because of the equipment, because of the frames. so we cannot take chances. >> reporter: vandals tagged the building and set a bonfire in front of the clinic a few months ago when the giants won the world series. they also sprayed this japanese restaurant and other stores near the intersection of mission and 21st streets. >> it's been 18 years since the 9ers have been in a super bowl and since they've won one so definitely a heightened level of concern. >> reporter: the restaurant owner says he will close down early if people get out of control again. a couple of other stores are even thinking about boarding up their windows. mayor lee hopes sports fans this time around will celebrate responsibly. >> people do deserve to kind of unleash all of their celebratory mood. at the same time, they have to be respectful of the businesses that are here. >> reporter: the mayor reminded the business owners out here to not leave their trash on the
6:32 pm
streets on super bowl sunday. you'll remember last time vandals set the trash on fire. also there at least 100 extra police officers on the streets most of them here in the mission district. >> thank you, da. and police are also cracking down on gun owners. so far this year, knots police arrested 17 -- new orleans police arrested 17 people for carrying a gun within 1,000 feet of a parade one this past weekend. police are quadrupling the number of officers patrolling the french quarter this week. they say the murder rate is 10 times the national average during super bowl week. emotional testimony on capitol hill today as a former congresswoman pleads for stricter gun laws. gabrielle giffords appeared before the senate judicialry committee. she was shot two years ago in
6:33 pm
an assassination attempt that killed six others. today's hearing on gun control was the first since the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. >> violence is a big problem. too many children are dying. too many children. >> my problem with background checks is you're never going to get criminals to go through universal background checks. >> congress is looking at a number of new gun control measures including the new assault weapons ban sponsored by dianne feinstein. it's not what the neighborhood initially had in mind. still ahead, how the bay area's latest walmart shifts the original vision for the community. >> i said, i was a 9ers fan. >> now the team is lifting the spirits of a young fan in the hospital. >> here's some more of your 49ers photos. here's viola kaepernicking. >> this is a dog dressed in a
6:34 pm
patrick willis jersey. >> here's 4-year-old of union city in a 49ers helmet. >> barbara sent us this picture of san ramon having some early super bowl snacks. >> we would like to see your super bowl photos. email us at or upload your photos to our website,
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6:36 pm
evergreen village square, in san jose, has gone from a high-class shopping center to practically from upscale to down home evergreen village square in san jose has gone from a high class shopping center to vacant. but today, cbs 5 reporter len ramirez says residents are welcoming the square's newest lease on life. reporter: the cheerful walmart greeting is welcoming but at a new walmart neighborhood market in san jose's evergreen village square, maybe more welcome than ever. >> i think it's a great
6:37 pm
addition to the neighborhood. >> reporter: that's because the neighborhood has been through hard times. once an upscale vision district the square featured a gourmet grocery store as its pricy anchor tenant. then the recession hit and the people who bought the big new expensive homes in the area struggled. the lennar did i's closed setting off a chain reaction of business shutdowns and only a few survived. >> it's been hard. it's been a vacant spot not so much traffic. >> reporter: in a move that takes the shopping experience from upscale to down home, in comes walmart. >> walmart is excited to revitalize this empty space and bring fresh produce, fresh groceries and more. >> reporter: the new store is doing things differently than its predecessor in pricing and by featuring food to suit the large asian and indian clientele. >> lenardy was here, i don't think it didn't match the people. >> reporter: neighboring businesses are already seeing an increase in foot traffic. >> we are hoping to stay open
6:38 pm
later so we'll be hiring more people. >> reporter: so it's a new supermarket for changing times and along the way a lesson about values. >> people assume that because our homes are larger more expensive that the community has a lot of money to blow. that's not the truth. so you know, this community likes a good deal just like everyone else. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >> 49ers tight end vernon davis in the super bowl this weekend wants fans to join him. he was giving away tickets in a raffle for two tickets includes airfare and hotel in the french quarter. to enter, go to and buy tickets. >> eventually, once this is all done, the lucky winner will catch a plane bright and early on friday and have a great three-day weekend. >> the raffle will be used to support vernon davis' foundation for the arts. he is a gallery other than. he raises money for art
6:39 pm
education programs and scholarships for at-risk youth in the bay area. so you have until tomorrow morning 10 a.m. to bit tickets. they are $2 apiece. they say looks can be deceiving. >> she has that very genteel diplomatic friendly exterior but, you know, there are there are nerves of steel inside. >> meet the woman described that way and see what she has done that's benefitting the whole bay area. >> what's over my shoulder is exactly what it is. it's a dry radar. we have had a ton of this since january, only five days of rain. next rainfall is in february. next. what if you are this close to going to the super bowl and somebody took your ticket away? we'll tell you an amazing story of a 49er game coming up.
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smallest -- fans isn't letting a hospital stay hinder his super bowl party plans. 7 year old jacob murphy of rio is a heart patient one of the 49ers biggest and smallest fans isn't letting a hospital stay hinder his super bowl party plans. 7-year-old jacob murphy of rio linda is a heart patient at
6:43 pm
packard children's hospital in palo alto and he has turned his room into the ultimate fan cave. the second grader is blanning for a big super bowl bash -- planning for a big super bowl bash on sunday. he even set the menu. >> i'm going to buy a game day bucket. my family is going to come over, we are going to watch the super bowl and eat chicken -- legs. >> chicken legs. love it. jacob says he would love to be a play-by-play announcer one day and he's already calling the super bowl's final score. his predict, 9ers 34, ravens zip. let's hope he's right. for more than 50 years, an east bay woman has been making waves to protect san francisco bay. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin went to the shoreline to meet this week's jefferson award winner. reporter: reporter: along san francisco bay you can hear birds children, kites surf, and enjoy the waves because of 96- year-old sylvia mclaughlin. >> i think it's just beautiful.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: she spent more than 50 years leading the charge to protect the bay. >> it's very gratifying to me to see so many people enjoying our beautiful bay. >> reporter: to guard the bay against sprawl and pollution, sylvia cofounded save the bay in 1961 with two friends. today she is the last survivor the pioneering trio. david lewis save the bay's executive director. >> the fact that we still have a bay today is due in large part to sylvia's leadership in a time when there weren't environmental leaders and there certainly weren't women leading that kind of an effort. >> reporter: sylvia and her friends' first victory was to stop berkeley's plan to double the size of the city by filling 2,000 acres of the bay. >> we didn't want to see anything as beautiful as our bay being filled in. >> reporter: another victory in the 1960s when governor reagan
6:45 pm
signed into law the first coastal zone management agency to protect the bay. >> and that is the model for all the coastal zone protection agencies in this country and around the world. >> reporter: because of sylvia and save the bay, public access to the shoreline increased from six miles in 1960 to hundreds of miles today. in fact, an eight-mile park stretching through berkeley and four other cities was recently named mclaughlin park in her honor. citizens for eastshore park call sill very. >> a force of nature. >> she has that very genteel diplomatic friendly friendly exterior, but there are nerves of steel inside. >> reporter: and sylvia has won many battles with powerful developers who planned to fill the bay. >> david rockefeller, shook hands, said, well, you won. i thought that was pretty nice. >> reporter: today, save the bay members and supporters number more than 40,000, an
6:46 pm
army of volunteers keeps the shoreline healthy, a beautiful sight if you ask sylvia. >> i'm privileged to look out every day from my home from the hills. >> reporter: so for more than half a century of saving the bay this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to sylvia mclaughlin. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> to volunteer with save the bay, connect with them online using the link at, click the "connect" button at the top of the page and then jefferson awards to find our story on sylvia. >> a beautiful area we live in made even more so on a day like this. it's gorgeous outside. mid-60s for most of you mainly sunny skies. couldn't be more different where a lot of 49ers fans have their hearts right now. we'll be 3 degrees milder
6:47 pm
tomorrow. baltimore hit 70 ahead of the front. they will see snow by tomorrow night and temperatures down to 42 by tomorrow afternoon. san francisco, baltimore and new orleans. that severe weather that rumbled through new orleans with thunderstorms, manhattan a tornado on the ground for 20 minutes in northern georgia. 7 reports of tornadoes today in northern georgia. take a look at some damage from tennessee. this was the damage viewed today but the storms moved through last night. we had 23 reports of tornadoes in the tennessee valley. one person died from the damage there. that's amazing considering how widespread the storms were. good evening in san jose with your hit 66 today. you're down to 56. you cooled down pretty rapidly this time of year even after a mild day. concord 54. livermore 56.
6:48 pm
oakland 62. cbs 5 hi-def doppler, dry again. at sfo airport this will be the driest january on record. records go back about 80 years. forecast for tonight napa down to 38. vallejo 43. oakland 45. concord 39. chilly light jacket for the kid at the bus stop tomorrow. high pressure is closer to us. so we went from the upper 50s to the mid-60s. now it's going to stop. it's not going to move for four or five days so if you didn't get outside today, carbon copy tomorrow and friday. if you have to work through friday, most of us do. saturday and sunday looking very well for that barbecue before the big game on sunday. everything looking good if you like sunshine. we could use some rain and there will be rain next week as the entire pattern can of shifts to the south. that will be good because we could use some more snow and the snowpack as roberta told us about 20 minutes ago. so we're mild through the super bowl, dry to start february. that pattern change is coming next week with some rain by next wednesday.
6:49 pm
highs in the 60s tomorrow. san jose 67. palo alto 66. hayward 65. pleasant hill 63 with sunshine. kent filed 61. san francisco 62 tomorrow. we're sunny through the weekend, cloudier for the top of next week, celebrate the 9ers victory. cloudier still on tuesday and showers return on wednesday. so the next six days are looking dry. more on the super bowl and sports coming up.
6:50 pm
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the 49ers are in damage control after one player made homophobic remarks during media day. >> i don't do the gay guys, man. i don't do that. >> are there any on the 49ers. >> no. got no gay people on the team. they got to get up out of here if they do. that sweet stuff -- that's true. >> they might be able to play well. >> you're missing one of the most fascinating interviews in history. >> locker room, no. >> so they would have to keep it a secret? i'm sorry, i'm just hearing the tape in my ears. >> come out 10 years later after that. >> he said tonight, quote, the derogatory comments i made yesterday were a reflection of
6:53 pm
thoughts in my head but they are not how i feel. it has taken me seeing them in print to realize they are hurtful and ugly. those discriminating feelings are truly not in my heart. further i apologize to those i have hurt and offended and i pledge to learn and grow from this experience, unquote. the ravens beat the 49ers last year in the first "har- bowl" last thanksgiving and while one son will win the super bowl jack harbaugh knows he will have to deal with one son losing football's biggest game. >> you saw the players walking around and that look of not boeing successful in their eyes and coming up short opened up a couple of doors and finally saw jim all by himself this is room just a table and a chair, still in his coaching outfit, you looked into his eyes and you realize this is where you were
6:54 pm
needed as a parent. >> one of the 49ers most thrilling super bowls came in 1989 against boomer esiason and the bengals. here's what he said. >> up to that point there weren't a lot of great super bowls or a lot of blowouts. >> reporter: with a 16-13 lead and 3:10 to play the bengals were set it avenge the super bowl xvi loss to the 49ers. >> i'm on the sideline. ism the cincinnati bengal that's supposedly going to disneyworld. so to shoot that commercial, the people have to be on the field. they wanted to know if i knew my lines, if i needed makeup. it was like -- >> this is during the 49ers drive. >> this is like a surreal moment. >> these people obviously not football fans not realizing how big a moment this is for me so i kept practicing my line. i'm going to disneyworld. i'm going to disneyworld. >> back to throw montana, steps up, throws, touchdown! had thers!
6:55 pm
>> then john taylor catches the game winning touchdown pass and before i could get the words out, i get them not going to disneyworld. those people that had been bugging me for what seemed like an eternity were running across the field looking for jerry rice. >> reporter: jerry rice was the mvp, someone else got the magic line. >> joe montana, you and the 49ers just won the super bowl. what are you going to do next? >> going to disneyland! >> reporter: never count your chickens. mayor lee better be careful what he wagers on sunday's game. if baltimore wins he could end up a youtube sensation like denver's mayor who finally paid up on his bet following the ravens who beat the broncos earlier this post-season. ♪ [ music ]♪
6:56 pm
>> the dance compared to ray lewis' dance? i don't think so. it doesn't compare. so mayor ed lee, put on your dancing shoes. it could happen to you if it doesn't work out. back to san francisco and allen and liz. >> all right. we know ed lee has the red jacket. >> he has the look. >> captions by: caption colorado good e this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [cheering] steve: how are you folks doing? good, good. thank you all for coming. thank you very much. all right, everybody. thanks for coming. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody.
6:59 pm
i'm your man steve harvey. we've got another good one for you today. listen to me. returning for the third day with a total $20,705 all the way from everett, washington, it is my crew, the pawlak family. [applause and cheering] and then from the great city of marietta, georgia, it's the millsaps family. [cheering] let's play. give me pat. give me greg. let's go. [applause] folks, we've got the top 6 answers on the board, fellows. we asked 100 men, name something you open for a night of romance. greg. >> pack of condoms. steve: a pack-- [laughter] you know, sometimes, man, i'm just--i'm just ashamed to be a dude sometimes. man, we just go right for it. that's pretty sexy--a pack of condoms.

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